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I am a Goa'uld possesing a crayfish, also know as a Cray'uld.


edit Story of Self

I am both Bat Fuck Insane and Ape Shit Crazy. I have ADD so I can't... uh... Sorry, I can't pay attention long enough to make a page. Kitten Huffing is fun but puppy huffing is dangerous. I blame everything on hippies, communists, George Dubya Bush, and you. Crazyhorse

edit Intellegence

Intelligence? Intellegince? Intelligince? Fuck it! Spelling isn't important. What was the question?
Brain This user's IQ is 120.

edit Life-style

I am God of Crayfish so I spend my time trying to conquer the world with my shelfish armies or running crayfish politics and scocial matters. For dinner I eat the brains and hearts of people who annoy me and drink the blood of my enemies.

edit Education

I got my basic education at Stoner High School, but afterwords forgot everything.

edit Templates

Templates are fun!


The iBox 360, an entirely original product.


Can someone please tell me what this is?

edit Title

I herebye (WTF) claim the title of Template Master!

Most Templates/ Userboxes After searching I have decided that I have the most templates and userboxes, and deserve a prize.
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