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Awright Darlin'? Forun Aaccent syndrome is a rayar medicuw condition that usually occurs as a rare syde effect of seveya fackin' burain injuree', sach as a stroke or an 'ead injuree (Fackin' ell') . Between nine'een fortee wan and two thesand and six, there 'ave been fiftee recowded cayses luv.

edit Desscreption Oof thu Kendetion

Fooreign Aaccent Sendroome ess en encrediblee hilarious kendition thet caaauses the peetient too adOpt a campleetley neeew accent, incongruous to the sufferes nayteev environment. Theh causees of theh condition are rrRelatevly unknoown, butt many hev shpeculatEd thet ett kuld be kaused bie ssSerteen parrrts of theh braeeen looosing kontrro'll of theh varius lengeuestec functions such ess petch, syllabll pronunceeatiun und speeech patturns, resulten' en a complete-leey defferent soounden akcent!

Howdy there, another shep'arate the-ory is thayat the con-dition occurs ays a result of the lawss o' fiyan moterin' shkeels, needed too pronounce Fo-nemes with they-ar yoo-shual accsayant mishter Lector.

Ah-oui but, yet anozzer theorie suggzts zat ze conditshon occurz az a rezult of severe physcologique trrauma, displacin ze victimz memo-riez of zer orig-ginale axe-ant, replzing it wiz a new 'ilarious wan.

edit Occurences-a

Herro, the first-ah recorded toim-uh that forrun-o accent syndrom occur was durr-ing-a the Monawl invasion many year ago ... Mightee-uh Gen-eh-rah Kastsamuto uh suddenly-ah starteed to speak with a bizzara american-a accent, it was really freakin' wierd man, I mean liiike many of his soldiers were liiiike totally freaked out so they went to liiike Kyoto or some shit and freykin' destroooyed the place, awwwsome.

Awright moi boi? Theh seckeend recowded inceedent of foreign accsent sindrome accured in Cape tane, Seth Efriceh in nointeen dickety two, when a lowkul bleck felluh saddanly staarted speaking loik a bladdy indiyan. Llacklilly-the-man-was-imprisoned before-his-traitourous-ections-culd-damage-the-guvanment's-aurthoritee. Yes-indeed.

Ah hew are ya? Another o'kurence was in Du'blin Irrrland in Nineteen' Tirty Tree on Tursday the Turd of Maaarch. A leetle o'l laydee staaarted tawkin loik a lRushan Genstarr after recieving sevier head Ttrauma. The Lleeytal Llaydee was Llayter famed forr herr catch-phrasing 'In Rrepublican Ire-land, Gin-eess Ddrinks YOU!'

edit Final Comments, Mon.

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