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Cultists can be readily identified by the Mark öf the Blue Öyster Cult, tattööed ön their löathsöme flesh. Be very afraid.


The Cult's recrent pics.

Blue Oyster Cult was formed in Hitler, North Dakota in 1967. The band was originally supposed to be called the Blue Nazi Cult, but the band decided that it was to similar to Led Nazi Zepplin.

edit An Interview by a roadie named Sam Judd recites the good times...


The mysteries that the band were to be kept secret by the band itself. But the truth is easily found. Turning the Vinyl reveals a swastika, in their logo!

This whole set of dates before the Finland gig on the 25th got cancelled. After recruiting the most ruthless of Rock-Nazis, the band decided to go on tour...

"We were supposed to play with CSN, but either Stephen Stills or Graham Nash said they would never play on the same stage as a "Nazi Band" like BOC..."
"Then we Killed CSN. Ah, we had a good laugh about that after that, you see we hung them from the ceiling above the stage and we were hitting them with our instruments, and they said they'd never play with us on stage...those jokers!"
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