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Hi there everybody, vote me for n00b of the month! If you'd want to give me a personal vote, call my cell phone at 003-668-2255 (00 DONT-CALL)

edit My Life's History

I was born in a cabin in the woods and Mother decided that at birth, I was to become the worlds greatest politicion, but that dream died after Father taught me how to tell the truth. Father always was the smart one in the family, a good expample would be Sister Ruth, who wondered wether the light on the inside of fridges stayed lit while the door was closed. She decided to be locked inside the fridge until she told us to let her out, but accidentally went into the freezer...she never spoke to us again and now we eat her for dinner every Thursday and Monday of the third week of the seventh month of the second year.

Oh how I wanted to be a normal boy! And Mother and Father wanted it also. They said that I would like it because I wouldn't burn so easily and warp when it rained on me. you see skin is much better to have rather than a deck of playing cards as an outer layer. So on my quest, I passed by the All-Knowing-Spider Man's house who told me to get him a shrubbery, a nice one at that, to become a real boy. Yeah well I gave him a Drumstick and he turned me into a real boy anyway.

So thats me. Like it or leave it. NOW VOTE FOR ME DAMN YOU! Please?

FYI I am only 13 and in 7th grade so I still have school stuff.

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