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edit Phobia Gallery

1) Ornithophobia

I was once an ornithology graduate student.

2) Ablutophobia

I decided to leave grad school,
to get out into the "real" world.

I was driving,
somewhat lost,
late at night,
on a highway God knows where.

I stopped at a motel,
to rest and freshen up,
to get my bearings.

The physical wounds turned out to be superficial but not the deep emotional wounds which embedded ablutophobia in my psyche. I tried to desensitive myself to this fear by writing a screenplay called Psyche. My agent said that it would have sold if I had only changed one letter. Didn't listen, so my agent changed the title to Psycho, plagiarized it, and stopped returning my phone calls, although he did send me a very nice Christmas card.
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