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Welcome to Grueslayer PvP!

You are now in the PvP Zone Foyer. You can see the PvP Moderator Conniving behind a counter in front of you. To the right is the medical room. To the left is the restroom. Behind Conniving is the waiting area that shows the available opponents.

Conniving: "Welcome, AFGNCAAP! We've been expecting you for quite some time. You are already registered as Grueslayer, and shall be offered specific items to suit your opponent. With this being said, you must lose your inventory. Except your boxer shorts/bra and panties set. We can't have psychopaths running loose in the matches with their own millwall bricks and shivs. That would be bad."

> Eat my shorts.

Conniving then snaps his fingers, and two massive fat guys wearing security uniforms come out and grab you. They throw you down, let loose a barrage of punches, subject you to extreme headkicking, and ultimately beat you down to within an inch of death. That's when they loot all your items. They then put you in a regulation suit of armor designed to fit your nondescript age, face, gender, ambiguous culture, height, and weight. You're pretty sure you can hear Conniving giggling at you.

> I'll never look at you the same way again, asshole.

Conniving: "You'll get your stuff back when you leave."

You are then directed to the waiting area.

Conniving: "Choose an opponent. Included are levels and elements. Extraordinary opponents are labeled as such, after their element(s)."

> What kind of element is Aether?

Conniving: Ma-ti used it. :P

> Dude, he used the power of Heart.

Conniving: Right. Aether is either pure energy, or it could be Void. Maybe even antimatter. Depends on the opponent.


Regular Opponents:

Implementors and PvP Programmers:

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