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Concernedresident welcomes you to his user page. Sorry things are a bit messy here - I wasn't expecting company. No, don't go. It's really good to see you again. I wondered if this day would ever come? We're both adults, and neither of us is blameless. Let's just move-on and enjoy life.

edit What do I do around here?

Writin' stuff and making images what are funny.

edit Articles

Deus ex machina
Darl McBride
Bill Donohue‎
The Microsoft Office (Movie)
The Way of the Master
Jessica Fletcher
UnBooks:The Dinosaur Delusion
UnNews:God refuses to commit to Kentucky
UnNews:British government get tough on suicide
UnNews:Mosque comments taken out of context
UnNews:Anti-atheist bus campaign launched
UnNews:Mohammed taken in to protective custody
UnNews:Dali Llama appeals for calm in George Bush slur row

edit Rewrites and significant contributions

William Riker Major rewrite.
HowTo:Kill and not get caught Colonel rewrite
Numerology Admiral rewrite - particularly proud of this one.

edit Images (the half-decent ones)

edit Current projects and ideas

I'm working on a How To guide to being depressed. That's been put aside while I focus on cleaning-up existing articles.

I'm looking at Cajek's idea for a boardgame called Game:Stone the Sinner. Right now I'm thinking that there will be lots of 1970's style boardgame shots of people with Luke Skywalker style hair, tight red jumpers, and families smiling as they smite the evil from one another. --Concernedresident 23:18, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

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