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BePrepared Uncyclopedian of the Month (End of 2014)

800px-Flag of Wales 2

Gogledd Cymru über alles

“This man is a cunt”
~ <insert name here> on ConCass2

This user is ConCass2 (/kɔn'kas dα:ɨ̞/). "ConCass" was supposed to be the name, but somehow it wouldn't work. So now I'm stuck with ConCass2. Damiau.

edit Things ConCass2 Has Done

  • Invented a syllabary for Cherokee, but my illiterate cousin Sequoyah took credit for it
  • Assisted Owain Glyndŵr in fighting off the English, but it didn't work out in the end
  • Created this awful profile you probably stopped reading by now
  • Wrote an amazing script for a TV show, but lost it on a bus somewhere in Gwynedd and S4C took it, airing it in 1988
  • Dug up the "missing link" in my garden and, not realising it's importance, used it as fuel for the fireplace
  • Drank more tea than is humanely necessary, although that is the standard in Britain
  • Watched Welsh terrorist and arsonist group Meibion Glyndŵr light up an English flag, and used it to light a cigar
  • Caught various cancers and ailments from the same cigar. Blamed it on the "polluted" English flag

edit Pages I created from scratch (in order)

edit 2014

edit 2015-2016

edit Pages I've Rewritten/Written a large chunk

edit 2014

edit 2015

  • Grunge (fun fact: grunge is a whole diverse subgenre, not a synonym for Nirvana (also, it simply wasn't funny))
  • James Hetfield (originally consisted of nothing but "Jamz Hatefeel is a gay redneck hilbilly")
  • Stone Temple Pilots (formatting was a mess - blue and red links on every other word - and large sections of the article were rants on the author's least-favourite albums)
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