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Pbadge stands for Prolific Belligerent Adversary Dramatizing Grudgeful Enactments (PBADGE). It should not be confused with the organisations pBadge, Pbej, or Pee badge, which - in case you are too dense to notice- have similar pronunciation.

PBadge is a highly volatile heterogeneous chemical compound of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. It is formed when Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen do not react with each other. The chemical reaction involved in its formation is:

  C+H2+O2                 Bread, Wine  →                      P Badge (C0H0O0)
 Its atomic Mass can be calculated by the formula:
Mass of 100g Aluminum x µ x 1.678090005ß58721997 x €ƒµ x ß6.666666 x sin x log(1) x 1/12.7 of Carbon Pentahydrate.
 Its SI unit is 69. the pH of C0H0O0  is 7 K.
If you still have any doubts about Pbadge visit this website

Origin & History

Pbadge was originally created accidentally during a social program which is yet to be organised (by the NGO, MGO, which stands for Mokkel Gandu Organisation), by the brilliant scientific mind of the century- Mandal Baijnanik. He was experimenting with a new variety of food. He mixed coke with Usnam Madira, which he obtained by oxidising madira, and dipped bread in it. Under this circumstance, Carbon from Coke, Oxygen from Usnam Madira and hydrogen produced during reaction between zinc & diluted concentrated mixture of aqua regia (Hydrochloric acid and Sulphuric acid) combined to form P Badge. Little did he know that this discovery of his will change the course of Pbadge History.

Almost immediately after its creation, it gained immense popularity. Its was widely distributed among a wide variety of population, especially teenagers, school students and adolescenes. Prof. Baijnanik was so overwhelmed by the enthusiasm displayed by the youth that he distributed P badge among them for free. This was highly resented by MGO who then established the Mandal Commission to overview the collection of tennis balls from P badgers. Headed by the Governor, the Mandal Commission began the systematic confiscation of property in form of tennis balls from many prominent P badgers. Soon the Mandal Commission successfully monopolized the second hand tennis ball market, owing to the huge number of tennis balls confiscated, especially from youthful P badgers (stupid unwitting toddlers, that is). This resulted in great hue and cry among the P badging community, who rose to revolt against the Mandal Commission's activities. The legendary trio who synonymously go by the name whose name has been previously mentioned in the a previously published article, set out to devise a deviously decisive plan to be put to action against the Mandal Commission.

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