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oh... this is a page im supposed to make? how do i do caps again? oh yeah... THERE CAPS LOCK! OH YOU HATE CAPS? SORRY BRO BUT BEARGUAPS GOT ME PREOCCUPIED ONE SEC MAN STILL IN THE 'SHWA... ok fixed it, buyt anyways.... if your looking for info on this extremely sexy guy that is a potatoe... yes im a potatoe... all i can say is i love flafs bro, just lovem, i dont even know what a flaf is... to tell you the truth i made it up one day when i somehow made a miss-spelling of Flag and had it become Flaf, so if your jealous of my flaf skillz, im sorry but im not a mercenary, ok in skyrim i am but now in real life... ok in skyrim im a Dragonborn and sheit but still... i save people and make money, still is a merc... right?

Lucy in the skyyy with diamonds!!!!

That's all folks!!

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