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Hello, I'am Cometstyles from the English Wikipedia. I'am also part of Commons Wikimedia, Meta Wiki and an admin at Harry Potter Wiki . I'am a Bureaucrat on Mortal Kombat Wikia and Rugby Union Wikia. You can mainly find me on IRC idling in the #wikia channel or the #wikipedia-en and on my channel. Drop by if you need help of any kind..Cheers :)


This user is an administrator on another Wiki.
Uncyclopedia Puzzle Potato Notext This user believes that admins are control freaks.
Villianc This user denies any involvement with the cabal. There is no cabal.
This user is a Sniper and has his/her rifle pointing at your head.
Nuvola apps important This user hates you and everyone you care about.
nj This user is a Ninja, with dominion over everything totally sweet.
ETP Help end hunger! Eat the poor!
MEH This user redefines lazy.
Nuvola apps important orange This user should not be trusted.
1+ This user has over 1 edit. Duh!
DramaticQuestionMark This user can also be found elsewhere on the internet.
Crystal Clear app kcmdf This user likes to use redundant userboxes.
Deadbarney3 This user believes Barney is evil and therefore must die.
Verifying username and password...
Shit! This user contributes using dial-up!
Happysatan Satan loves this user, and will be seeing him/her in hell shortly.

Virus is my other account .

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