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Colonel "Raven" Swordman
-- The personification of arrogance and evil
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Col swordman

¡Infierno de un diablo!

Colonel "Raven" Swordman (usu. Colonel Swordman) currently studies at an Australia-based University as a BSc honours student. He became a (non-noteworthy, evil) member of in late 2005 when he realised that the wiki existed.

He related, "I was doing a Google search on a serious subject last year and all of the sudden I noticed there was something wrong in one of those results.

'Hmmm, ooook... What? Wait a minute...' "

Sowrdman is also known to be a creepy Asian, a sympathiser of evil terrorists and a co-ordinator of a blasphemous clan page that contains no "humor".

edit Conquests

Swordman fah cert

My landmark 10,000th point for Stanford's Folding@Home project.

Here are some lists of things contributed by Col.swordman:

Full-length articles
Title Original/rewritten Details
"Cavalry" original - 1924, 31.12.2005 entire article
"Hong Kong" rewritten - 0023, 11.05.2006 article and template
"How to sign up online for a non-existent gift" original - 1909, 23.05.2006 article and pictures
"Intellectual property" rewritten - 0113, 05.06.2006 article
"iRaq Pocket PC, the" rewritten - 0155, 22.05.2006 merged 2 old articles, expanded content
"Islam" rewritten - 2129, 16.08.2006 article and pictures
"M16" rewritten - 2057, 24.05.2006 article and picture
"Newspeak" rewritten - 0246, 08.07.2006 article
"Pentium 4" original - 2241, 12.07.2006 article
"Veronicas, the" original - 1441, 04.05.2006 article and picture
"WorkChoices" original - 0306, 08.12.2006 article and pictures

Title Original/rebuilt Details
"a'Straiya" original - 2205, 07.12.2005 amalgamation of two old tables
"Baghdad Bob sponsored" original - 0302, 15.05.2006 template
"Bullet" original - 0037, 06.05.2006 category and userbox
"How to sign up online for a non-existent gift" original - 1909, 23.05.2006 article and pictures
"Orwell's World of Superpowers" original - 0014, 11.05.2006 template
"User Asian" original - 2336, 04.05.2006 userbox

Technological breakthroughs
Title Original/rebuilt Details
"The Hate Page Generator v1.0" original - 0434, 30.09.2006 template

edit Marks of Destruction

edit Babes (hot and not)

Picture Descriptions Picture Descriptions
Lara uncyclopedia special
THE AD - 100% made in Australia, by a foreigner (me of course)
Poking fun at The Veronicas / Archie cross-over

edit Politics-related

Picture Descriptions Picture Descriptions
Protected by law
Protected by law
Not protected by law
Not protected by law
Tung bush Chiecf Executive Tung, President Bush and a chimp
Flag of Hong Kong SAR
The sacred flag of HK-SAR
Evil howard
Evil John Howard
Cyber howard
Johnny the Cyberman

edit Numbers and figures

Picture Descriptions Picture Descriptions
Aus demo
A made-up version of Australia's demographic pattern
Aus demo
An updated version of the made-up version of Australia's demographics

edit Commercial Products

Picture Descriptions Picture Descriptions
Ribena bleach
Ribena Premium Bleach, for the emo in every one of us
Intel inside, idiot outside

edit Rock Bands

Picture Descriptions Picture Descriptions
Bass player
Cliff Williams (AC/DC) (Featured image - 12/08/2006)
Lance bass player
"The Gimp" - tribute of "Cliff Williams" by Severian

edit Schemes of Shadow

See also: Colonel Swordman's Uncyclopedia work log

Colonel Swordman's to-do list:

Title Descriptions

edit Send A Death Threat



  • Do not send any email to Colonel Swordman as regards friend-making, dating, etc.
  • Do not send any email to Colonel Swordman as regards commercial offers, bargains and the like.
  • Do not send anthing that has been circulating on the internet to Colonel Swordman.

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