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Recently, Cloud-Strife-Live got $2 to fund a project to actually make this page useful.
Project scheduled to comence soon, and finish eventually.Csl

edit Infomation

  • Scanning Complete
    • NAME: Nathaniel
    • LOCATION: Unknown
    • STATUS: Hopefully dead
    • INFRINGEMENTS: Classified

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edit Major contributions I'm actually proud about

  • Aeris Gainsborough Murder Trial-Rewrote the whole article, including adding more funnies and pictures! basically created it.
  • Sephiroth Got some big contributions in there, and made a picture for it..
  • Playstation Rewrote entire article, basically it's my own work!
  • Cloud Strife Rewrote article again, put the old ideas into trivia.

edit Major unNews coverages I am also proud about

edit Things im actually doing on Uncyclopedia

  • Rewrite Articles
  • Photoshopping
  • Clean Ups
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