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Ray William Johnson
Born Ray William Johnson.
In 1986.
In a dump.
Residence A room with comics on the wall.
Nationality American.
Other names RayWilliamJohnson, RWJ, Ray William Penis.
Education None.
Occupation Video maker
Years active 2009 to Present.
Employer YouTube.
Organization RayWilliamJohnson, BreakingNYC, YourFavoriteMartian.
Known for =3.
Influenced by Nerds on Youtube.
Height He's short.
Weight He's not fat.

Ray William Johnson, also called RWJ, Ray William Penis or Please put my comment on your vid, is a midget known for the quality of his jokes about viral videos (mostly about cats). At the beginning of each episode, you can hear his famous "What's happenin' forum?" and you will always ask yourself at that moment: "Why does he call us forum?". The answer of this question will remain a deep secret. Recently,. Ray has refrained from calling his audience 'forum'. From this it is assumed he has cancer.

Ray William Johnson was rumored to be related to Chuck Norris, the only person's mom he couldn't do. Ray likes to sing songs in cartoon form about drunk bad guys at a club, his balls, tragically lonesome children's tears, beer, his balls, his grandma stalking everyone on Facebook, a zombie with a boner, his balls and also his balls.

His balls are recorded to "cause a total solar eclipse".

edit Cool transition

We don't know much of Ray's early life. And why do we care, seriously. He's just a normal midget making jokes and filming himself (no, he doesn't strip, sorry ladies) to "KEED" with people. So why do we care about his early life, huh? He was probably born in an abortion clinic and adopted by a tribe of midgets with large dicks, like any normal kid.

He was probably adopted and as a side note, he probably touches himself at night while staring at a picture of his nads, he is 100% normal.

edit Cool transition

Shortly after the launch of his review channel, he became famous. Well not as famous as Paris Hilton's sex tape, but, uh, famous in the nerd world. His most famous videos have more than 8 million views (no you perv, he didn't strip on that one either) on his channel RayWilliamJohnson, more than 1 million views on BreakingNYC, 14 million views on YourFavoriteMartian as well as FattySpins for his famous music "Doin' your mom" that he would put at each end of his video.

Now he only puts shitty music. All the fame overexcited him, so he had to make another channel called YourFavoriteMartian and BreakinNYC to balance the fame, but YourFavoriteMartian sadly became even more famous than his original channel, so he decided to see a psychologist to talk about his overexciting problems. You see? He's just a normal guy.

His channel is the most subscribed channel on YouTube, curing AIDS and World Hunger in the Process. Yep, normal guy.

edit Cool transition

Now, Mr. Johnson is at the top of the charts with his hit singles My Balls and The Stereotypes Song. He is dating Meekakitty after a steamy night with her in one of his videos (not).

But you know who never dates a girl after a steamy night? The comment question of the day which comes from username BAM! And he says "So Ray, Why do you touch yourself at night?"

Leave your interesting or creative response in the comment section BELOOW...or on Facebook or Twitter (or google Plus for n00bs).

So tell me forum, what's in Justin Bieber's pants today?

Bieber'smanfan : I got a boner

PerfectGonard : Justin's beaver

BigD44 : a baren wasteland of despair

Ibetrollin'yomom : your balls(your face goddammit)

Squirrelman : 5 gay men (and a bottle of lotion)

(These guys are good!)

-Dancing kitteh-

Get your =3 t-shirt now ! Only $20.99 to see a big "=3" on your tits.

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