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“Pages about you, your friends, your schoolmates, your teachers, etc. WILL be deleted on sight.”
~ Uncyclopedia on this page.
“Holy fuck! That's me!”
~ Clint on this page.
“Omg! It really is him!”
~ Captain Obvious on Clint's comment.
“You really need to get a life...”
~ One of Clint's ex girlfriends on Clint.
“I have a life... i just keep it in a cage”
~ Clint on his life.
Rabidanimal This user is a game player. They have probably been eaten by a lot of Grues, so cut them some slack.

The Clint is a strange and wonderful creature. It has been roaming the interent since before time began and has much experience in the ways of the warrior. The Clint is a highly opinionated creature and enjoys spewing these belifes all over other people's clothes, With or Without their permission. Should the Clint be challanged in any way it's first and primal response is to adopt a confused expression... generally quickly followed by a soul crushing comeback and various other hilarious puns.

However The Clint is generally quite a nice creature and can be found on You tube, Huffing kittens, in space, Upside Down, on pub floors, Researching the effects of quantum gravitational looping on the validility of spacetime as an elementary structure of the universe.

edit Origins of The Clint

The origins of the Clint are not well known and scientists speculate that the Clint is infact an underlying elemental process that underpins our whole universe. Other people just think that he is a person and was born as a child and has grown up through the common aging process but these people were subsequently convicted of heresy and were huffed to death.

Eventually, after many scientists had died due to their heads asplode, it was deicded that we should just accept that The Clint exists and not try to explain it in any ordered or mathematical way. Such a revelation in the way we think about the universe has changed many people's thoughts and has sparked a new movement of "It just happened" thinking.

Once the Clint came of age he quickly set about making himself known in many circles. His efforts were rewarded when random people began to start talking to him in the street. This has now become a custom and many random people will talk to The Clint in many different streets. The same is true about online streets although this is usually strange whores and salesmen.

edit Places that The Clint likes to hang out

The Common Clint can be found embellishing creating improving adding bits to uncyclopedia pages as well as reading and memorising everything WORD FOR WORD.

While not wasting his time Living life with Uncyclopedia, the Clint can be found on MMORPGs such as EvE or other games such as Gmod.

This leads many to believe that the Clint is infact a geek, (not to mention the fact that he studies Astrophysics and enjoys maths...) but they would be Wrong.

Clint can also be found playing his Guitar and getting drunk with friends until he can no longer play his guitar. To add to this he is part of an unidentified military group. The location of which he can give no information about.

edit Ambitions of the Clint

The Clint has many ambitions, a few will be listed here:

edit Creations Of The Clint

Articles that have been started and mostly completed by The Clint:

edit Contributions of The Clint

The contributions of The Clint to the rest of the world are far too numerous to count with real numbers. However if we narrow the list of contributions strictly to articles that he has edited then we come up with this:

 1/n sin(x) = 6

If we cancel out the 1/n with the n in sin then we get:

 1 si(x) = 6

And thus!

 6 = 6

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