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{{Indefinitely blocked user}}
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==Shameless Plug==
Below are magnificent Uncyclopedia Articles, all very worthy of being nominated for "Article of the Month" or "Writer of the Month", all by my modest self! Actually, at this point in time, I primarily want to win that Votes for Highlight thing and be on the front page. Please!?
==Plaintive Plea==
I respectfully request, that if any of these articles are distributed elsewhere, that you simply attach my name - Dean West - to them. Thank you.
*[[Supreme Court cases]]
*[[Jury System]]
*[[If Jesus had lived in America]]
*[[Plant Liberation Organization]]
*[[Why?:Time Travel is Impossible]]
*[[First Fundamentalist Church of Skepticism, Reformed]]
*[[John Galt]]
*[[Atlas Shrugged]]
*[[UnBooks:Little Women II:The Modern Version]]
'''May 2009'''
*[[UnNews:Mother flees with child to avoid health ruling]]
*[[UnNews:GOP calls for Pelosi resignation]]
*[[UnNews:Lecter's detention plan tests American legal tradition]]
*[[UnNews:Supreme Court to hear Gibson case in 2035]]
*[[UnNews:D.C. insiders surprised at Afghan graft outcry]]
*[[UnNews:King Edward blasts U.S. over dynamitic tests]]
*[[UnNews:Pittsburgh Steelers trounce Conway Cougars]]
*[[UnNews:This Just In:Meg and Demi return for leeches!]]
*[[UnNews:Supreme Court pick costs AP reporter his job]]
*[[UnNews:Far Left repudiates Far Right's surrender]]
*[[UnNews:HR Director slowly losing it]]
*[[UnNews:Man googles "The Turner Diaries", takes over America]]
*[[UnNews:"Spoiled Children's Fund" forms to help rich.]]
*[[UnNews:Obamas fiddle while America burns]]
'''June 2009'''
*[[UnNews:Man hurt in search for the HWTHOG]]
*[[User:Clemens177/Attention Whore endlessly hitting refresh|UnNews:Attention Whore endlessly hitting refresh]]
*[[UnNews:Tide pushes bounds of physics]]
*[[UnNews:Movie Maven notices that Kate Winslet is a whore]]
*[[UnNews:Infallible polygraph test causes 534 Congressional suicides]]
*[[UnNews:Justice! Kwai Chang Caine caught!]]
*[[UnNews:Superfriends revealed! Wendy Harris-Vulcan tells all!]]
*[[UnNews:Family calls for FBI investigation, denies rumors]]
*[[UnNews:Obama to award DA Thomas Spota]]
*[[UnNews:Dead Caine pics exclusive!!!]]
*[[UnNews:J.D. Salinger sues self]]
*[[UnNews:Fourth holocaust movie puts Tehran on alert]]
*[[UnNews:Miss Manners, Sexiquette|UnNews:Miss Manners, Sexiquette: June 10]]
*[[UnNews:Jill Stanek wins pro-choice Sanger Award!]]
*[[UnNews:Family upset over compliment]]
*[[UnNews:Harold Lauder helps Boulder again!]]
*[[UnNews:Obaman nationalizes America's children|UnNews:Obama nationalizes America's children]]
*[[UnNews:Letterman arrested for rape]]
*[[UnNews:Obama rewards terrorists]]
*[[UnNews:Dictators hail Jewish peace plan]]
*[[UnNews:Obama proposes repealing the 13th amendment]]
*[[UnNews:Calvin Klein billboard atom blasts envelope]]
*[[UnNews:Exclusive: White House Visitor's Log]]
*[[UnNews:Miss Manners, Sexiquette: June 17]]
*[[UnNews:Jon Stewart plagiarizes UnNews!]]
*[[UnNews:PETA to join Nuclear Club, FBI fears]]
*[[UnNews:Class Action suit to sue those in Class Action suit]]
*[[UnNews:Mrs. DeWinter's first name discovered]]
*[[UnNews:Che's granddaughter exploits him]]
*[[UnNews:U.N. recognizes WalMart]]
'''August 2009'''
*[[UnNews:Police advise, pissing them off still a crime]]
*[[UnNews:Vern Tesio: "I wanna be a youth for a role model"]]
*[[UnNews:Squeaky discriminated against]]
*[[UnNews:Couple goes to Kingdom Hall by mistake]]
*[[UnNews:Marriots says, "The slut begged for it"]]
*[[UnNews:Altria achieves revenge on Reader's Digest]]
*[[UnNews:Trig mourns grandmommy's loss]]
*[[UnNews:CDC advocates female genital mutilation]]
*[[UnNews:Mary Jo Kopechne's killer brought to justice]]
*[[UnNews:Vice Versa Syndrome remains rampant]]
'''September 2009'''
*[[UnNews:Warren Rupf named "Sheriff of the Year" by NAMBLA]]
*[[UnNews:Octomom sues Michelle Duggar]]
*[[UnNews:Texas man asks wife to cry rape]]
*[[UnNews:Bank of America won't lend a hand]]
*[[UnNews:Semenya is grandson of Nazi]]
*[[UnNews:UnNews reporter forces admission]]
*[[UnNews:9/11 personal recollections]]
*[[UnNews:Aniston nude pic exclusive!]]
*[[UnNews:9/11 sued!]]
*[[UnNews:Norman Borlaug assassinated by Weight Watchers]]
*[[UnNews:"If Glenn Beck had done it" to be released]]
*[[UnNews:Glenn Beck turned in by Tyria Moore]]
*[[UnNews:Mildly obsessive man costs himself a fortune]]
*[[UnNews:Black man released in kidnapping case]]
*[[UnNews:Mattel to release new American Girl doll]]
*[[UnNews:Mr. McGee laid off]]
*[[UnNews:Warren Rupf resigns in shame]]
*[[UnNews:Faggot had personal problem with me]]
'''October 2009'''
*[[UnNews:Starbucks announces "Fuck America" campaign]]
*[[UnNews:Cure for homosexuality found!]]
*[[UnNews:President to divorce Michelle]]
*[[UnNews:Obama Nobel prize unjustified]]
[[Category:Members of the Order of Uncyclopedia]]

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