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Suggestion for replacing the last paragraph of the "entertainment" section of Thunder Bay

Home to Lakehead University’s main campus, many academically inclined people who “think for themselves” flock to Thunder Bay every year only to be horrified to discover (upon arrival) that their airplane was really a time machine, bringing them back to the 1950s and an environment that could only be rivaled by South Africa and the Southern States. In spite of having Magnus Theatre, concerts at the auditorium, myriad outdoor activities and sports, and the ability to learn about Thunder Bay’s rich history and cultural diversity at their disposal, “townies” organize their lives around which bar has cheap drinks on which night of the week, engage in riveting debates over why Safeway cannot make Persians as well as the Persian Man and demonstrate why there is no fear of a Thunder Bay resident becoming a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in the near future—promulgating hate and racism is only cool and tolerated by the authorities in the missing link that is Thunder Bay.

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