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Spork This page was originally sporked from Don't click any links(game), but I must warn you. These are links.

But won't that ruin my internet life?

edit Why you should never ever EVER click links.

Sure. This link may seem harmless. A wiki is harmless. Right?


One day, you are riding a Unicycle down Uncyclopedia's main page. Suddenly, you come across a sign that says, "Hey, you know what, your Unicycle is out of date! You can renew it by going here".

Guess what? Like every single link, that link is bad!!

edit Some facts

Did you know...

  • that 100% of people who click links DIE??
  • that every internet user who dies clicks links??
  • since you had to have clicked a link to get here, you are DOOMED??
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