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House mold

This forced inspired me to create the article on mold.

Hi, I'm Chunkles, and I'm filling up space on a server somewhere with the remainder of this sentence.

My first ever article here was mold, which I made because there was mold growing in my house this wonderful Uncyclopedia had previously deleted its article on it and I felt it was incomplete without a good one. It was featured only a few days or so after I wrote it - holy cow, that was fast and unexpected.

I've done some minor edits here and there, too. I'm the type who likes to observe what others do before diving right in; I like to think that everything I write is a product of careful thought and design towards a desired general goal, and I just let my own randomness fill in the gaps.

I plan on writing more articles, once I have a solid chunk of time during which I'm bored and I have had adequate inspiration. I have a couple half-baked ideas already simmering in the recesses of my brain, and I'll pluck out the more absurdly plausible ones once they've had a bit more time to cook.

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