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House mold

This forced inspired me to create the article on mold.

Hi, I'm Chunkles, and I'm filling up space on a server somewhere with the remainder of this sentence.

edit In the beginning, there was mold

My first ever article here was mold, which I made because there was mold growing in my house this wonderful Uncyclopedia had previously deleted its article on it and I felt it was incomplete without a good one. It was featured only a few days or so after I wrote it - holy cow, that was fast and unexpected!

I've stuck around since then to contribute more. It was probably to try and recreate my original success with new formulas. Or some mold spores got sucked up my nose directly into my brain. I'm not sure which.

edit Mode of operation

I'm the type who likes to observe what others do before diving right in; I like to think that everything I write is a product of careful thought and design towards a desired general goal, and I just let my own randomness fill in the gaps.

I write articles once I have a solid chunk of time during which I'm bored and I have had adequate inspiration. I always have a couple half-baked ideas simmering in the recesses of my brain, and I'll pluck out the more absurdly plausible ones once they've had a bit more time to cook.

I've also done some minor edits here and there. I like everything to be neat and tidy for the most part, I feel compelled to fix minor issues with formatting, spelling or grammar wherever I see them.

edit Current projects

My attention shifts frequently, so my current projects shift frequently too. You might be better off looking at my most recent contributions if you want to know what I'm interested in at the moment.

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