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You have been Deculturized, Hick!
Alligator hick
You have become a bayou sucking, flame crisped, horribly drawn, hick! The demonic alligators have captured your soul and has deculturized you! You will soon become a Demonic Alligator! And then you will join the army of Demonic Alligators and beat down the fools of the rest of the world! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAhahahah ha... ha... ha?

edit History

The Demonic Alligators of Southern Florida (or D.A.S.F) are a group of deminsion shifting creatures that are 20 or so feet in height and range in different abilites(see types of Alligators below). They came from a different deminsion(makes sense they are deminsion shifting creatures!) and have found a home in the bayous of southern florida. After destroying the local population of Alligators, they began to meet with other high powers of the world's strongest armies.

edit Alliences/The War for Nerdom

This part of the page will eventually show the most important events once the battles began as well as show what all is going on with alliences and enemies and such.

edit Types of Alligator Soldiers

There are several types of Alligator Fighters, the most noted although are the...

edit Normal Footmen

These Alligators are the backbone of the Armies of Southern Florida. These 20 foot tall behemoths are more than just powerful they are living tanks. The hide of a normal Demonic Alligator is the equivilante to 27 feet of solid titanium steel armor. These normal footmen arn't used for much else than running to the front of the lines and getting shot at.

edit The Helborne

These are a special form of Normal Footmen, these creatures not only have brute strength and hard as hell hides, these monstrous monsters have the ability to throw, breathe, shoot, or any other form of using fire, at you.

edit Ray Followers

These are the followers of a cult known as the sting rays, in this cult the god is the mighty Stingerofsteveirwinheart. These Alligators have shrunk themselves to the minisule size of 10 feet and have devolped ray-like wings and where a normal Alligator tail would be a Ray tail has taken the place. Making the first air force of the Demonic Alligators of Southern Florida!

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