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edit About Me

Well, what's to say. I enjoy a number of activities, but I will not bore you by going into it thouroughly. I play guitar and write, and I enjoy... sorry, phased out there for a second. Anywho, just read something. But not the article below this one. I forbid you.

edit A Extremely Unfunny Section

This section is not funny. Reading it will be a waste of time, and will utterly bore you, as there is nothing of interest or humour here. Therefore I advise you to stop reading this right now. Still here? Why the hell are you still reading this? It's obviously not funny, so fuck off. WHAT?!? You're still reading? I don't have to deal with this... I'll be so unfunny you will have to go away...

... ... ... ...

WTF? Stop reading this and choose a real article, you dumb shit! Nothing here is funny; it's a sad fact of life! I'm not funny! O.K, I lied a bit, I can be funny on occasion, like that time- GO THE FUCK AWAY! Haha, got you by surprise, didn't I? No? Fuck you, I'm leaving. I hate you. If you hate me as well, post on my discussion page. It will make me ever so happy. Also, if you got this far, now you know how unfunny I am. Dumbass. Just a little P.S, I warned you not to read this. Don't get pissy at me, you little shit. I specificly told you not to read this, and now you'll have to deal with the consequences of your retarded actions.

edit My Contributions


edit My UnTunes Contributions

UnTunes:Fuck You, PETA

UnTunes:My Whammy Hand(Coming Soon)

edit My UnBooks Contibutions

UnBooks:The Elder Scrolls

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