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The Vampire-Grue Theorem

“Vampires and Grues might be related somehow”
~ Me on Vampires being a bit like Grues

The Vampire-Grue Theorem is an idea posited by Chibskininja, speculating that Vampires may be somehow distantly related to Grues, perhaps having been influenced by the unconfirmed "Fangirl" chromosome, causing them to become more susceptible to mainstream fanfics, and therefore less awesome.
The Theory was met largely with indifference from the Scientific community, mainly due to the fact that nobody cares.

That Theorem in Full

1) Grues and Vampires are both out to get you.
Rotating Computer Graphic

You KNOW it's Legit!

2) Neither Grues nor Vampires like the sunlight, and are often killed by it.
3) Neither Grues nor Vampires like you, and often kill you.
4) Vampires and Grues are both rather difficult to kill.
5) Vampires and Grues are both popular villains in Film, Gaming and Television.
6) Vampires and Grues both enjoy consuming humans, although in differing ways.
7) Vampires are often seen near Werewolves, which are pretty similar to Grues.
8) Grues are often seen eating Humans, which are pretty similar to Vampires.

In conclusion, there are... err... eight things that make them pretty similar. And some biologist said it's backed by actual scientific findings, and a rotating computer graphic, so you know it's legit.

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