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warning: This article contains lies truth no lies its true IT CONTAINS LIES IT CONTAINS TRUTH itTRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TIMES 100 if your going to be that way! LALALA TRUTH .

“I do not belive in the string cheese theory! I do however belive in the cheese string theory.”
~ oscar wilde on cheese string theory
haha now you dont know i wrote infinity
~ captain Obvious on writing about stealing your money at the bottom
Did you know...
*...that Alaska is a mooseocracy, in which citizens select a moose to lead them?
    • ...that bears have been known to challenge for the role of Alaska's leader?

The cheese string theory ™ is bulsh@t™ (bullshot™ of course what did you think you sick person) acording to hells army tesco. what did you expect comedy? Go to wikipedia for that 1\1 0 0 8™ the shoppers there often engage in that thing michael Jackson did you know that thing thats right eating and shoping ( what were YOU thinking) you must be slightly disturbed (and need to take this test)

or obama (if you are kill yourself now) yeah him and Michael Jackson have alot in common.

edit origin

Suprisingly the Cheese String theory™ originated on the internet at the begining of the world by some guy on uncyclopedia possibly Oscar Wilde an unknown figure. All anyone knows is that it will always exist and will always be true so get over it.

edit What is it?

It is a crackpot theory that states that everything in the universe is made out of tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny microscopic x10 kinda small pieces of string cheese. It also states that if you send 1.3 billion dollars to its evil cult leader main researcher

This is your cult leader and great philosopher.

Captain Obvious who discovered this great lie that is so ridiculus that noone could think it was even based loosly off of truth after reading how to start a religion on uncyclopedia from ancient texts you will be saved no matter what you do.

edit how do i get involved with this dangerous cult completely legitimate organization?

Since Captian Obvious want everyone to be save you can sign up now for only $299.99 a month! This does not count the up to 7% goverment tax or the 300% religion tax offer only valid if account it active: active is defined as giving a minimal weekly donation of $1000. void were prohibited does not stack. We reserve the right to acces your bank account and steal illegaly withdrawl up to infinity <><> <><> <><> dollars a second.Not reponsible for lost or stolen souls all rights reserved ™ © ®.

edit beliefs

All you base

ALL YOUR SOULS ARE not BELONG TO US!!! ( and your base to hehe)

  • Cheese String theoryismists are not supierior to other people.
  • Everything in the entire universe is made out of tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny microscopic x10 kinda small pieces of string cheese.
  • salvation cannot be bought.
  • If you dont join us the black helicopters are not on their way
  • Cheese String theoryismists are not supierior to other people.
  • Captain Obvious is the worst best person alive.
  • Captain obvious's I.Q is 14.0
  • All your money will be stolen
  • ALL YOUR SOULS ARE not BELLONG TO US!!! ( and your base to> hehe)

edit Why should I listen to you

3 reasons

I'm NOT always watching you. Dont think about what I know.

as you can see that could be anyone.|

                                  \ /


  • you will never get salvation and will burn in hell

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