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“The first part isn't true.”
~ CheeseLordLol on this article

CheeseLordLol is a user in Uncyclopedia famous for getting the article about Monster Hunter ICU'd. He is currently living out of sight underground, taking part in Procreation activities with female molemen to produce twisted man-mole hybrids.

edit Early Life

CheeseLordLol was born StefanLordLol to Marta and FilmoreLordLol, who unfortunately died during childbirth. After his, "Death," two british mad scientists experimented on his corpse and renamed him Cheese, after which they kicked him out when they noticed he wasn't actually made of cheese. He then spent the rest of his miserable childhood scavenging food, stealing money, or generally making Britain a giant cesspool.

edit Later Life

CheeseLordLol was having a leisurely troll through the local forum site site when a red link appeared and introduced him to uncyclopedia. he is currently at large rampaging through the wiki. Please report any sightings, and please, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SUBDUE HIM. IT'S SUICIDE, MAN!

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The author seems to have been MURDERED BY THE SUBJECT. to help stop this madness, Stalk and shovel out as much information as possible. Or use Psycho Serum!
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