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Ok, I admit it, this isn't really an article. This is the album Destruction of Creationism by the band subway SARIN. And by band, I mean me and a dude I know. (That's right, Cheddar's in a band, so suck it!) And by album, I mean we took songs by published bands and completely destroyed them and created horrible torture mechanisms out of their mangled bodies. It sounds cool. 5 bonus points if you can guess what each song really is. Please leave any comments and guesses on the discussion page.

Audiobang Civilization Under Mice (Metallica)

Audiobang Ear Torture (Serj Tankian)

Audiobang Getting Punched In The Face (Motley Crue)

Audiobang Insanity Strikes (In Flames)

Audiobang Inside-Out Shapes (Slipknot)

Audiobang Interrupted Transmissions (Mudvayne)

Audiobang Killing Your Brain (Gorillaz)

Audiobang le Mastre Refixination (Gorillaz)

Audiobang Little Dancing Monsters (This one's a secret)

Audiobang Loneliness is A Virtue (Iron Maiden)

Audiobang Running Out Of Ideas (Ozzy Osbourne)

Audiobang Stock Market Explosion (Disturbed)

Audiobang What Drowning Sounds Like (Dethklok)

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