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Charlie The Man
Born Charles David Marshall
July 29, 1988 (1988-07-29) (age 27)
Westerville, Ohio, U.S.
Occupation Musician, Lyricist, Narrator, Voice Actor, Uncyclopedia Contributor
Years active 2000 - Present

Charlie The Man was born Charles David Marshall on July 29th, 1988, at approximately 2:00 AM EST, in Westerville, Ohio. He has bad musophobia (fear of mice), vertigo and semi-decent video game skills, which are marred with his ability to construct words and music together into common audible creations known as songs. Currently, he has released three full-length CDs, one EP, and is in a lengthy process writing new material for his upcoming fourth album, entitled Full Force Resolve. Recording began in June 2012, and to date, four new songs from the project exist ("Don't Feel Sorry", "Law Of The Land", "The Calm After The Storm", "Quicksand Viscosity"). The release date for the project is currently unknown, but the existing material can be heard at CTMPromotions on YouTube. Charlie is also running a Music Cast on Justin.TV, as of June 2012, entitled R8.08: The Regulator.



2007: Human Error
2008: Elevator Music: Sounds From The 13th Floor
2010: The World Is Yours...
2012: Full Force Resolve


2007: Prototype
2010: Christmas Wishes


2011: Unlock & Unload: 2004 - 2011

With Others:

2005: "Cheaters Never Prosper" single (w/Yggdrasil)
2007: "Human Error", "I Killed Your Dog", "When I Get Back" (w/Jokuah)
2008: "Drugs / Booze / Etc." (w/Jokuah)
2010: "Disposable Man" (w/Yoel Gonzalez on Bass)

Various Info

In June 2011, almost one year after The World Is Yours..., Charlie decided to cap off what he refers to as his "Mk. I material" with the compilation Unlock & Unload: 2004 - 2011, containing tracks from his first three albums, as well as the newly recorded "Asbestos Breathalyzer" and "I Shot Biggie". Initially planning a collaboration with Jokuah's project E.I.P. (Extremely Irritated People) in September 2011, as well, Charlie has, as of October confirmed that "all communication on both ends seems to have, once again, stopped." With no word going into 2012, the project is now considered "null and void."

On January 10th, 2012, Charlie confirmed that there will be a fourth solo CD, and two days later, announced that it would be self-titled. Over a few dozen songs have been written for the project throughout 2011 and 2012, respectively, and recording began in June with the title of the album being changed to Full Force Resolve, following a breakup and the dissolution of a few friendships, effectively making it a concept album. On June 29th, the first single, entitled "Don't Feel Sorry" was officially released to YouTube. In July and August, the Country-Rock influenced "Law Of The Land", the ballad/instrumental "The Calm After The Storm", and the 1950's AM Radio style of "Quicksand Viscosity" followed. Other tracks for the album include the previously released "Asbestos Breathalyzer" and "I Shot Biggie", among others.

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