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Charlie The Man
Born C. David Smith
July 29, 1988 (1988-07-29) (age 27)
Westerville, Ohio, U.S.
Occupation Musician, Lyricist, Narrator, Voice Actor, DJ, Uncyclopedia Contributor
Years active 2000 - Present

Charlie The Man was born C. David Smith on July 29th, 1988, at approximately 2:00 AM EST, in Westerville, Ohio. He has bad musophobia (fear of mice), vertigo and semi-decent video game skills, which are marred with his ability to construct words and music together into common audible creations known as songs. Currently, he has released four full-length CDs, and two EP's (the Prototype EP from 2007 was completed, yet canceled). A new album, while discussed, is currently "off the table" while efforts are geared towards the promotion of his music channel and website, entitled The Regulator Online. It currently airs twice a week, every Friday and Saturday, on ConnectCast.TV as well as the "Watch Live" section of the official website. There you can also find more information on the broadcasting schedule.

edit Discography


2007: Human Error
2008: Elevator Music: Sounds From The 13th Floor
2010: The World Is Yours...
2012: Full Force Resolve
2016: Bleed The Snake


2013: Defenestration

With Others:

2005: "Cheaters Never Prosper" single (w/Yggdrasil)
2007: "Human Error", "I Killed Your Dog", "When I Get Back" (w/Jokuah)
2008: "Drugs / Booze / Etc." (w/Jokuah)
2010: "Disposable Man" (w/Yoel Gonzalez on Bass)

edit Articles Written By Charlie

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