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“.....uh, Who...?”

Oscar Wilde on Charles Allegation

Dr. Allegation contributed thusly:

Charles Allegation; Before Surgery.

Dave\'s head

...And after (statue's impression). Hmm, pretty!

Unarticles Unexisted by Minitrue:

edit Charles Allegation:

  • Began life as a foetus
  • Is head reporter for the Welwyn and Hatfield Inquirer
  • Is four-times winner of the Palme Braun for journalism: the World Cup of regional journalism!
  • Has eaten fudge
  • Is everything you are not
  • Pretends to be French in an attempt to woo the laydees
  • Dislikes cattle
  • Was sick on his shoe
  • Is subject to eight separate restraining orders
  • ...nine
  • Cooks a mean Swedish meatball
  • Cannot make it to the phone right now
  • Is watching you
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