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Bird hand "Naargggghhhh"
The Count Doesnt Like this User
“Charizards have co-existed with humans creating a mutual bond. The Charizards have provided for us and so we have returned the favor.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Charizard
“Anyone wanna play and trade pokemon cards”
~ A n00b/Idiot on Pokemon

Why hello <insert name here>. This is my user page. Hi. Why are you still here? LEAVE! Don't make me pwn you!

edit WHO?

Yeah, Charizard is a Pokemon. If thats a problem i suggest you visit This Link Here.
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Some people like Charizard all too much!

edit WHERE?

Usually on the wrong page, just like you most likely are now!

edit WHY?

What else am I going to do on a Sunday Evening?

edit WHAT?

These Pages:

edit Mine:

edit Others

You find that fun did you? almost as fun as E=MC Hammer!

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