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Chaos starMUN

Chaote is very dangerous! Do not talk to hir. Do not approach hir. In fact run the hell away from hir any opportunity you get before s/he bores you to death.

As you can probaly guess from the above Chaote

  • Is confused about hir gender.
  • Wants people to be scared of hir.
  • Writes about hirself in the third person.
  • Can't spell

All of these are because s/he is bat fuck insane

Chaote's main works to date:

Bryn Terfel

S/he has also made the following templates:

Template: Pics Nao
Template: User Cthulhu/Calamari
Template: User EU

Chaote is currently also working on an article s/he wishes to keep under wraps for now. S/he also does random edits and is working on mastering the art of Template manufacture. If you need a Template don't hesitate to ask but don't be surprised if the results suck donkey balls.

Cthulhu This user has a fondness for Calamari.

Europeanunion This user is €uro
...and denies their "real" citizenship
(List of European Uncyclopedians )

Earth image This user is world citizen
...and belongs to the human race, the only real race on Earth!

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