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XKCD is a webcomic created by autistic savant Randall Monroe. The comic, suggested by his psychiatrist to vent his frustration from social "niceties", was named as such as it sounded like the signature grunt he made when he was provoked.

Xkcd logo

edit Genesis

Mr. Monroe was diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome at an early age, when he exhibited bizarre behavior such as compulsive playpen-ball stacking, raptor-shelter-making and formula-solving. His refusal to talk with all people who didn't fully understand quantum mechanics, such as his contemporaries, coupled with his puny stature, led to frequent bullying. Even though his mother consulted a psychiatrist, progress was halted as Randall suspected that she had not understood the tenets of string theory. After trying out modern theories such as leeches and caning, she decided that to "purge the demonic excesses of his antisocial heart, he could channel his anti-social angst into unproductive drawings." Thus, she persuaded Monroe to draw comics every two days, except weekdays, in return for suspension of treatment. He complied and called his comic "XKCD", as it sounded like the grunt he made when he was provoked before he beat the pulp out of everyone. Little did they know that this technique, which had led Nietzsche, Kafka and countless others to madness, would have castatrophic results...

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