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Chainsawmidget has done some stuff. There is other stuff he hasn't done. I think that pretty much sums the whole thing up, but for those who want more details ...

edit Origin

Chainsawmidget was born in a crossfire hurricane, and he howled at the wind and the pouring rain and he ... wait. No. That was Jumping Jack Flash.

Chainsawmidget himself has no real confirmed origin. He's mysterious that way. Sort of like Snake Eyes or Wolverine, which means he'll get mopre action figures than anybody else when it comes time to do a Uncyclopedia toyline.

edit Super Powers

Chainsawmidget has no known super powers. Instead he carries around a untility belt full of burritos, much like Batman uses.

He's also been known to attack people with a chainsaw, but only on odd days of the week. On even days of the week, he attacks people by swinging a midget at them.

Or so the legends say.

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