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“Carefull! The potatos are rather hot!”
~ Oscar Wilde on something that has nothing to do with this page

Plasma is the ninth state of matter, coming before grilled and after deep fried. The existence of plasma was originally theorized by George Washington Carver in 1066. It was later discovered by George Washington in 512. It consists mostly of free neutrons, bogons, electrically-charged polygons, and four and a halfth dimension particles called atoms.

Naturally occurring plasma can be found in the following places:

The excessively high temperature of plasma (typically 7.3 zillion degrees F (4.1 zillion degrees C)) renders it pretty darn well useless for the purposes of cold fusion and nude co-ed karaoke. However, smart-ass researchers into the problem should eventually find novel and get-rich-quick applications sometime within the next geologic era.

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