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Wrong page. Wrong Site. Wrong Browser. Wrong computer. You see the content here on this page?, of course you don't. (No that stain on your computer screen does not count, it's mustard and nobody likes mustard) These words?, they are just figments of your unimaganation and some of that Chinese food from last night(What did you expect?, it had a made in china stamp on it).

Hello. The only major thing you need to know about me(why would you want to know anything about me, and why are you even on this page?) is that I am clueless, utterly clueless.(How do I use user boxes?) I have an obsession with completely random things. Here are some of them:


North Korea



Mayan Civilization

VASMIR plasma rocket

Attila the Hun


Quantum Mechanics(yes, I understand some of it)


Ulysses S. Grant

US flag This user is American
...and unabashedly proud of it!
(List of American Uncyclopedians)
Virgindeguadalupe This user is Catholic and believes articles become featured through good works, not faith.
BS This userpage is bullshit.
FireV2 This user rejects the theory of global warming or at least thinks it's someone else's problem.
Popeeyebeams This user is a complete, irredeemable classified document. He/she/it is Bat Fuck Insane, and swallows at the classified document.

Nuvola apps important

This user is EXTREMELY RANDOM Be advised: Approach with caution and a sense of humor.

Kraspin This user enjoys staring at spinning objects. They may be afflicted with Attention Deficit look at the birdie!.
You can help by paying for their Ritalin, or finding them a kitten to play with.
n00b This user is a n00b.
GAH. This user is running into problems with their page. Please hold onto your pants.
This user is right-handed.

In Latin they would be Dexter.

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