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Igor Splonanovich (1975- ) is a contempory Ukrainian artist and a major exponent of Abstractononrealisticism. His work confronts major themes or aspects of society. In pieces such as “Dictatorship” which consisted of a dead horse, stuffed with telephone directories he has explored the intrinsic notion of self. Igor has had a stream of critically acclaimed exhibitions. His latest exhibition in Madrid entitled “The Banana Holocaust” received much acclaim. However in recent years Igor has retreated into seclusion after his design for a war memorial entitled “corpses, lots of corpses” was inexplicably rejected. Igor was artistically talented from an early age. His genius was first apparent in a piece entitled “Is my mind a sea bass?” which attempted to “destroy mans notions of superiority over sea bass”. Igor is extremely modest about his achievements particularly in his biography entitled “The Thousand Achievements of Igor Splonanovich.” Igor is an extremely prolific artist sometimes producing up to 20 pieces a day, here are just a few examples of his work:

edit “WHY?”

This piece consists of the word why written in giant letters on a featureless background. The piece confronts mans intrinsic desire to know “Why?”. The blackness of the ink echoes the torment of the soul” Whilst the blank, seemingly infinite background represents oblivion.

edit “Exploitation”

A dead donkey floating in a tank of brine, which the Igor describes as the outcome of a thought process. The increasingly bloated state of the donkey’s decaying corpse is a metaphor for the swelling greed of capitalism.

edit “The Monster Breeds Within”

Several artificially preserved pig foetuses suspended in mayonase. Which confronts the horrors of geneticism.  

edit “Stem Cells Pervert My Being!”

A crucifix covered in tuna. The artist himself described how this piece was created: “I woke up one morning and thought: “My god! Stem cells have perverted my being! I must depict this! I immediately ran downstairs and opened a can of tuna, and hurled it over a nearby crucifix. It was a very moving experience. I wept for three days.”

edit “Satan Head Revisited”

The likeness of the antichrist, expressed in the medium of cheese. It challenges universal perceptions of evil.

“Fuck the Pope” A dead crucified pig. Which is set fire to on alternate Sundays. The piece explores the hypocrisy of Catholicism.

edit “No one sees the Trought”

A dead dolphin encased in lard. A man was paid five thousand pounds to ask visitors if they could “See the trought.” Igor explained that this was necessary, in order to express the universal message of his work, anguish. Some people suggested the money could have been Donated to orphaned hunchbacks. However Igor dismissed this idea calling it “Fascist” “Interior of a communist.”

Igor drained a small lake in his native Ukraine; and then re-filled it with pasteurised lammas blood.

Ducks inhabited the lake, and were ruining Igor was forced to spend six months hunting and killing them with a crossbow.

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