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Why Why? 
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Hello, and welcome to Why?:Fuck ChiefjusticeDS. This article will explain, that why in the gods sake here, at Uncyclopedia, is an article about Fucking ChiefjusticeDS, and it has been even featured! But why??? Even if Chief killed my hamster, and is terrible cabbage, he is such a nice and gentle admin! WHAT THE HELL IS LYRITHYA`S PROBLEM, REALLY!!![1][2][3]

Err, i meant...

We have traveled all over the world to speak with users and seek about why people want Fuck ChiefjusticeDS. Thiiis iiis Why?:Fuck ChiefjusticeDS!

edit Interwiews

So, we really did search all over the world for good victims talkers, and we found many talking people. Here is all of them:

edit Maniac mcpee Lollipop

Maniac mcpee Lollipop was the original author of the article, and he became famous for sockpuppeteering, ragequitting, and generally being that guy. We managed to track him down in his igloo up north in Canada.

Q: So tell me, Lollipop, WHY did you write this evil message to Chief? And why Chief?

A: I was an asshat who's ultimate goal was to get everyone angry. But it was probably a publicity stint.

Q: What he/she really did that he/she deserved something like this?

A: He huffed my article. To a noob, that's all it takes to get your ticker going. In the end it really didn't matter, other than the free hat I got. Isn't it a nice hat? Get off my property.

edit Lyrithya

Aah, here is the first one, Lyrithya. She made the article second time, but her version was better. Sorry. And she has done some good stuff too. Notice, that she`s NOT an admin.

Q: So, Lyrithya, how are you doing?

A: I'm an eggplant.

Q: That`s nice to hear, Lyrithya. So, let`s forget the stupid questions. What was the reason you made another article about fucking Chiefjustice? Hm?.

A: Being an eggplant, I find it incredibly strange that so many people hate eggplants so. It's like they've never weathered a winter all by their lonesomes... no appreciation. None at all...

edit Zombiebaron

We searched for him from all over the world from Zoos to Asian. And finally, we found him eating brains in Canada. Both of them, Chief and Zombiebaron, are very old users, and they are both admins. Zombiebaron was one of the many users who voted that Fuck ChiefjusticeDS article to become a featured, but he is really suspicious, so we picked him up to interwiew.

Q: I heard that Chief once deleted some featured article, so you banned him and then he banned you. Are you still angry? And if Lyrithya wont write the article, would you write something like it?

A: Anger is a primitive human emotion, I do not feel emotions. As a 50th level transcendent zombie I have learned that the only thing in life that matters is pistachios. I personally eat 50 kilos of pistachios an hour. I have created several recipes for cooking brains with pistachios. So, to answer your first question, ChiefjusticeDS is a mermaid from the future. By the way, the "featured article" was War On Terra. Also, I don't write articles so why would I write an article about fucking ChiefjusticeDS? That's just silly. ZOMBIEBARON OUT.

edit Mimo&Maxus

We are not sure, why we took Mimo&maxus into this interwiew, we dont know is he even guilty, but he wanted so much to have a job. Or something like that.

Q: So, M&M, are you guilty? Your name is a crime against art, but are you guilty?

A: I don't know but my name is Mimo&maxus, not Mimo&Maxus. You're guilty for bad grammar. Ι condemn you to death. Next case.

edit Notes

  1. Although Maniac mcpee Lollipop really made it up, but Lyrithya made it better.
  2. Maniac mcpee Lollipop wants just some glory. Ignore him.
  3. Well, it was a half feature!
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