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This picture, showing us a real Hitler Cat, Kitler, has nothing to do with long sentences, maybe that`s why the picture has mechanically been put in here, not sure, but who really is sure in these days? Maybe some of our so nice user uploaded and contributed this picture, in this place humorously called Uncyclopedia, that he wanted to show everyone else his ultimately cool potatochopper skills, and informing everyone that "really, folks, look at how long I`ve been potatochopped this picture, look!". And that`s why the picture is here, propably, maybe even hopefully, these days there are so many words that I`m too confused what words I should use.

Long Sentence is a combine of hundreds and hundreds of words, letters, breaths, sandwiches and even other sentences. Making these long sentences can be hard, because sometimes just pipelining millions of long, diplomatically sounding but still nothing meaning words, like de-wormholing tablets, sounds terrible, and the reader, or even listener, might get easily cornfused. This why, for the sake of God himself, we`re warning you to not read this article to avoid all the terrible brain damages and other such things that can hurt people, only for your own good and just simply because that life insurances are really expensive on these days.

edit Long adjectives are good in long sentences, you hear me, do you, well, actually you do not hear me, because your reading this, not hearing, do you hear me, do you?

Yes, when making, writing, or saying long sentences, you`d better to use long adjectives, not small adjectives, or whatever they are called, because using long adjectives will make the sentence go much... longer or something. [1] Long adjectives are kind of short adjectives, but, they`re not, because long is an opposite of short. When using short adjectives, for example, in a sentence about the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, we can say a sentence like "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is the stupidest word I`ve ever heard". If we'd use long adjctives we get a new word to the sentence, like "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is the most stupid word I`ve ever heard", and that is soooo cool.

edit Listing, or repeating, or listing, or repeating, or... DAMN!

In long articles, or sentences, listing is very important to remember, but, to be very, very honest, everything is important to remember, so please, never forget anything, it`s very sad, if even the normal people like the lovable readers of this article would get Dementia. But, when, or if, the normal people gets Dementia, they are not normal anymore, because normal people aren`t sick, the sick people are then called as sick, not normal, actually this sentence starts to sound sick, so please, please lets forget this sentence together, right, but without getting that bloody Dementia.

Anyway, using many, many, many, many, many words, many, many, many, many times, can make a long sentence itself, surprisingly. So, if you want have a long sentence very easily, say something weird stuff in your mentally normal sentences that doesn`t even belong there, and repeat the stuff, repeat the stuff, like having some kind of *PISS!* Tourette's Syndrome.

Anyway, remember this now; listing, repeating, listing, repeating, listing, repeating, listing, repeating, listing, repeating, listing, repeating, listing... See how easy this is, this repeating and listing, it`s not hard at all, *Heil Hitler!*, whoops, too many long sentences makes my head go weird, or then it`s just this mental sickness I have.

Heh. Heheheh.

edit Using other sentences in one sentence; cool or just annoying?

This is a question that has been annoyed millions of language-scientists all over the world over millions of years, but I, personally think it`s quite coolish and many other adjectives that I can`t just right now remember. Anyway, using other sentences in one sentence is cool, but maybe a bit hard to someone who`s not me, `cause I, myself, (after 6 years of practising in the cellar of my school), can do it without even thinking it, which is a bit annoying in big groups who just don`t want to listen you anymore. When combining two, three, four, five, six, seven or even two hundred and fourtysix sentences, (which is my best personal score) using ,,,s is very useful, altough using too many dots in a line can be guite annoying, ,, ,,,, ,, ,,, ,,,,,?

edit See also, or read, if you don`t mind spending your precious lifetime on something like these articles after this, sentence

  • Beige, and why Beige, well, look at the first picture, it has a very long text under the thumbnail, or over the thumbnail, or... just... look under the picture, the long text, watch it.

edit Footnotes, heh, very funny word, that footnotes, they are notes played with foots, hahahahahaha, hahaha, hah, haaah!

  1. I`ve found out a very funny fact about the word long; the word long is actually a short word, because it`s a short adjective, which is a word, what means, that maybe you have been reading the whole time about short sentences.
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