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Hell-o, you all Uncyclopedians. So, you did come into this page hoping, that you would make some bombs inside the google? Well, if it is so... You did come to the right page!

edit The idea

So, the idea is, that you would learn to do something evil and trashy inside the scary internet (not just in wikipedia, right?). You dont want do own websites, `cause it would be really hard and it would take a big time. So not own websites. And you dont want to a Facebook-user named Adolf Hitler and destroy other users, `cause they would not like it. (Yes, Wikipedists like when you go and destroy pages, yes they do). Hm... What else would been great place to show up yourself... And the answer for this iiiis... Google! When you have nothing left, you can go and destroy Google with bombs! BOOM!!!

edit But... How?


If you wanna do a google bomb like ,,,,,,,,,,,, you have to do article called ,,,,,,,,,,,, , just after that it will show up in google... Dammit.

The idea of this is simple. First, you gotta find a page to write. When you have deciced it, you start to write something, what ever you like. When you have written something like aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaa into George W. Bushes Wikipedia article, you just simply save it to there. But.. How will you get that thing to show up Google? This is easy: You just write aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa into Googles website-founder, and then, Ta-Daa! There it should show up! Actually it wont show up, `cause there is an article called aaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa on Uncyclopedia, believe it or not... Actually, when you learn, its not so hard!

Well, here you are! Gongratulations! Now you can do your own google-Bombs!

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