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My Play ground

edit Heroes


A promo poster for Heroes.

The Heroes are a comic book team of superhuman mutants that was created during the 1970s. It was created by Tim Kring in Marvel Comics as a comic book series, but was adapted into Television and other media.

edit Concept

The concept is mainly a bunch of people with unique powers overcoming adversity. This is all linked by a central prophecy of sorts however gets mixed up in itself after a few issues.

edit Characters

The main story centers around 10 12 14 16 18 20 28 A LOT of characters all with thier own special abilities and powers.

edit Template


edit God Busters

God Busters
Directed by Lucifer Christ
Written by Satan
Starring Murdoc Niccals
Tom Cruise
Marilyn Manson
Ozzy Osbourne
Produced by The Walt Disney Company
Distributed by Columbine Pictures
Air date June 6th, 2006
Runtime 5,880 seconds
Language English
Budget $69 mil.
IMDb page

God Busters is comedic documentary about a group of detectives dedicated to rid the world of the supernatural and paranormal. The movie is based on true to life movie footage of the gang of detectives capturing as many of god's messengers as possible. The movie was a block buster hit and a favorite among satanists.

edit Plot

The movie revolves around four fresh-out-of-college satanists who are angry against the catholic church and want get rid of god as much as possible.

The Gang go on a murderous rampage against all sorts of different churches. The Gang soon gets arrested and realize they need a better way of satisfying their desires and ventilating their anger. So they realize that Parapsychology, (Ghost Busting) is basically the same as getting rid of god as they are stealing souls. Only instead of keeping the souls they give them to Satan as a sacrifice.

The Gang go on to kidnap as many angels and "massager of gods" as they could find. Until they find a chapter in the Bible about the apocalypse and see if that it will indeed happen very soon. So the gang attemps to team up and fight agaist god to stop the apocalypse. The Monster god sent out to cause the said apocalypse was Pope Benedict XVI. Using his lightning force powers the pope nearly destroys the entire city.

The group is left with no choice but to summon that of which can defy god himself Xenu.

edit Song

One very popular aspect of the movie was the song in it.

God busters!

If there's something strange in your satanic church Who you gonna call?

God busters! If there's something omnipotent and it don't look good Who you gonna call? God busters!

I ain't afraid of no God I ain't afraid of no God

If you're seeing things running through your head Who can you call?

God busters!

A Holy man sleeping in your bed Oh, who you gonna call?

God busters!

I ain't afraid of no god I ain't afraid of no god

Who you gonna call?

God busters!

If you're all alone, pick up the phone And call

God busters!

I ain't afraid of no god I hear it hates the gays I ain't afraid of no god

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Who you gonna call?

God busters!

If you've had a dose of a freaky Holy Water You'd better call

God busters!

Let me tell you something Bustin' makes me feel good

I ain't afraid of no god I ain't afraid of no god

Don't get caught alone, oh no

God busters!

When it comes through your Star Unless your going that far I think you better call God busters! Ow! Who you gonna call

God busters!

edit Template:Ripoff

Tottalripoff This page is a complete ripoff of {{{1}}}.

edit Gay Pride Musical

Gay Pride Musical
Directed by Andy Dick
Written by Russell T. Davies
Starring Lance Bass
Cole Sprouse
Andy Dick
Produced by The Walt Disney Company
Distributed by The Walt Disney Company
Air date February 30th, 2006
Runtime 5,880 seconds
Language English
Budget $69 mil.
IMDb page

Gay Pride Musical (also known as High School Musical) is a romantic made-for-TV musical about the gay youth in America, or more precisely, San Francisco, Californa, created and distributed by Disney. It aired on February 30th, 2006 and is rated as the 3rd gayest show on television, being outgayed only by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Christopher Lowell Show.

edit Synopsis

Ben Dover is an average athlete in such sports as ballet and beach volleyball, only one day to wake up and realize he is gay. He goes to the local gay bar to meet Gabriellin Montez, a dirty wetback, who is in fact a notorious figure in the homosexual scene. They go to a karaoke machine and duet Jolene by the White Stripes, subtlely expressing their affection for each other.

As Ben enters school he is constantly teased for his sexuality, and in order to get accepted he attempts to create a gay pride parade at his school. The students rebel against him and break out in dance and song ridiculing Troy and Gabriellin's sexual preferences. Troy and Gabriellin then find out their school is having a musical, but a lesbian couple (Sharpay Marker and Ryan Seacrest) have already took the parts they desired. After finding out that all the "gay parts" are taken from the musical, they mutiny against the school and have a gay pride parade. Then all of the school admits to be being queer themselves and they have the parade.

edit Characters

Name Description
Ben Dover An athlete in such sports as Ballet and beach Volley ball realizes he's gay and nearly contemplates suicide.
Gabriellin Montez a beaner, gay, prostitute who becomes Ben's fuck buddy.
Sharpay Marker A lesbian prostitute and Gabriellin's arch rival both at school and at the prostitution business.
Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest, nuff said.

edit Song List

Track Number Song Name Sung By
1 Start of Something Gay! Troy and Gabriellin
2 Get'cha Cock In The Ass Troy and the Ballet Dancers
3 What I've Been Horny For Sharpay and Ryan
4 What I've Been Horny For (Reprise) Troy and Gabriellin
5 You've Got To Stay Hetero Everybody, excluding Troy and Gabriellin
6 There Was Just Me & You (And The Astroglide Lube) Gabriellen
7 Fap To The Fag Sharpay and Ryan
8 Breaking Free (Out of the Closet) Troy and Gabriellin
9 We're All Queer Together Everybody
N/A I Can't Get My Love Out Of You Troy, Gabriellin, Sharpay, and Ryan (bonus track on the soundtrack, not in the musical)

edit Ku's Klues

Ku's Klues was a popular 1960s children's show, about a white supremest named Cosmo Kramer and his bitch (Literally) Ku. The show was during the civil rights movement and encouraged segregation.


A Klue!

edit Synopsis

Every episode involves Ku leaving a series of "klues" in the shape of a burning cross. The klue would be left on a person place or thing, 3 times during an episode and once the 3 klues are found Kramer has to figure out what Ku wants to do.

The action that blue wants to preform usually involved some sort of maiming or torture of an innocent Black or pillage and murder of dozens of unsuspecting blacks in a single town.

edit Controversy

Obviously the black community wasn't too fond of the show but with the low academic standard of black people at the time no one knew what to do at the time.

That is until Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech and the show was canceled for being hateful.

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