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Much unlike both the weak force and the strong force, the strong-ish force tends to attract only those things which have no mass, energy or velocity. Wheelchair guy defined most 'things' in the universe have been defined to have one of these things defined. So what kind of things are affected by the strong-ish force?

NOTE TO READER:The explanation of the Strong-ish force can only be explained in Modulo 1 or sometimes Modulo 0 (where all numbers divide all other numbers, including numbers smaller than themselves). Hence, the headings of this article will be ordered in Modulo 1.

'Things' with no mass, energy or velocity.

  • Direction. It has been known that some people will be facing north at one point in time and then be facing south at that very same point in time!
  • Other forces. Gravity and Magnetism have not been known to function correctly with the effect of the Strong-ish force upon them
  • Self-appreciation. Have you ever woken up one morning and looked in the mirror to realise that you really aren't worth the precious air you breathe? Strong-ish force in action.
  • Tic-Tacs.


The following is a formal mathemagical proof of the Strong-ish's ability to affect Tic-Tacs.

We all know that tic-tacs contain less than one calorie. And since sin(theta)=theta for theta (much) less than 1, sin(E(tictac))=E(tictac). Applied recursively this gives E=0.
A scientist by the name of Albrecht or something once said e=mcc, since e=0 mcc=0, and since the speed of light !=0 (unless light is acted on by the Duct tape force) therefore m=0 too.
An engineer known to many people as Rob found that the average stationary velocity of a Tic-Tac is 0. He recorded this in his autobiographical Journal, The Life and Times of Rob, edition 1. This is yet to be exhumed from his grave as he unfortunately claimed to write about both his life and his times and was legally forced to write of his times outside of his life. When his time ends altogether, he will be dug up shortly after. At that time, however the Strong-ish force will be able to act upon him and his book will fail to sell a single copy (even when the shops try to give them out for free with other books, both books will then be rejected).

The Strong-ish force, a definition

The Strong-ish force has been known to be that force which acts in the direction perpendicular to the Strong-ish force and the vector space defined by the universe.

This causes a spirally semi-forceful effect in all universes parallel to our own (the one which contains the origin of the strong-ish force [see below]).

The origin of the strong-ish force

The Strong-ish force is known to have originated from the last line that was removed from the drawing of the woman which was sent to outer-space.

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