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Tatarnikov Alexander was born June 26, 1993 in Moscow. The talent of art and design manifested itself not ordinary moment. Opened world style for artists, called UFO. In our time, it is not usual and at the same time, it is interesting to feel like a normal person, inside talent “was born”. Opens the world in style Psychedelic, avant-garde, Glamour, the New wave. 't scared, on the contrary, you feel in yourself look mentor and you know, he was chosen over revealing himself deeper and purer through art. Its creation as a young artist piece of spirituality and goodness penetrate the hearts of the people, and the commencement of a new era of creation of the paintings. Also the work is not “hanging on a hanger” it inspires to create the design style of clothing: it is felt the hand in the pattern of the ornament pattern plays a special role, as penetrates into the world of creativity.

edit About the artist

Their creativity side sees as a novelty in the world of art. Because it has a very interesting and popular theme of aliens from other worlds. The work shows some information that the audience will understand, in its depiction of a hidden code. Guess I will say it is not easy, but believe me, the one who understands a lot about art look for not only the code, but the essence of the image...

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