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Clowns are perhaps one of nature's cruellest mistakes and are distant cousins to the common Mime - science has long been at a loss as to what the Clown truly is but of late much progress has been made in the study of these creatures, still for all the progress made the lifestyle of Clowns outwith their captivity in circuses and children's parties continues to be one of science's great mysteries.

edit Origin Of The Clown

edit Clown Versus Mime

edit Common Clown Species

edit Killer Klowns


Killer Klowns are the bastards of the clown world - which is quite an impressive achievement..

edit Happy Clowns


this rare photograph shows a Happy Clown showing surprise at being photographed - the researcher barely escaped with his life

edit Sad Clowns


"when you're a clown.. nobody takes you seriously.."

edit McClowns


McClowns - the reason people hate clowns

edit Political Clowns


here we see a Political Clown in its native environment - unlike many clowns Political Clowns love to be photographed as can be seen by the waving of hands

edit Clown Society

edit Diet

edit Mating Rituals

edit Territorial Displays

edit Clown Aggression

edit Clowns In Captivity

edit Controversy

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