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The official page on discussion of Tortilla, Tortillism, its Doctrine and Dogmas, and it's most Glorious Legion.

edit Official Legion Roster

edit The Chronicles of Tortilla as told by Capercorn

edit Chapter Zero

The Sixth Day, of The Sixth Month, of the Sixth Year of the New Century. The Day the Troubles Began. And on this day, The dark lord BENSON came and attacked us with the horrible plauge of Caps Lock. The Benson grew stronger, despite the best efforts of the Fawwaz. The Fawwaz failed. All seemed lost for our Uncyclopedia, Until...

edit Chapter 1

Tortilla cometh. He entered into the Palace Of Evil Pancakes and Declared the Dismantlement of the Pancake House. He then Declared The Comming of Tortilla's Old Fashioned Waffle House. However, the pathetic brain zombies attacked The Tortilla, and he was forced into Obscurity.

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