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This user has been indefinitely banned

Uncyclopedia is a vibrant and popular community for professional writers, amateur comedians and the like. Although this site tolerates occasional friendly banter (this is what gives us such a unique culture), we will not condone any action made by users that threaten the overall integrity and stability of this wiki. As such, certain actions must be done to guarantee the continued existence of this site in its current state. This user has violated this simple rule and has threatened the peace, therefore, he has been banned from Uncyclopedia indefinitely. Do not follow in this user's example.

edit Things this poor user did before getting permabanned for harassing <insert name here> with vile ethnic slurs

This moron has written 6 featured article(s), and 15 articles in total. What a disgrace.

edit Notes

  1. I'm not asexual in the slightest.
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