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Callile, A Tragic Story

Callile (62 BBY–22 BBY) was a Vurk Jedi Master from Endor. Due to Yourall Poof's death, Callile was invited to a seat on the Jedi High Council.

Callile considered himself to be more of a diplomat than a fighter, and was known for peacefully settling a number of interplanetary disputes. Though capable of aggressive negotiation, he preferred words over action. Callile possess a unique ability of 360 degree perfirial vision, allowing unique advantages in certain situations.

Like many of his peers from the High Council, Callile fought at the Battle of Geonosis. In a display of unparalleled heroism and courage, he attempted to attack Count Dooku alone, even though the Count was said to vastly surpass his lightsaber skills. It would not come to a duel, however - Jango Fett, defending the Count, shot Callile several times. He then fell from the Archduke's box, as his Form VI Lightsaber combat had a low chance of deflecting blaster bolts, (less than any of the other combat forms). However, if Jango had not been there, Callile may have had a good chance of killing Dooku as he had taken the Count by surprise. This is possibably one of the reasons Callile Joined The Dark Side

"Why did my Jedi Brothers not catch Me?!"

Callile Arises

The 2007 February Revolution in and the overthrow of Darth Tenative caught Callile by surprise. He realized that he must return to Coruscant as soon as possible, but this was problematic, as he was isolated in neutral Endor as the 5th age War raged throughout neighboring Yavin. The Endor senators nonetheless managed to negotiate with the Coruscant government for Callile and his company of Jedi to travel by a highspeed space vessel, the so-called "sealed Eagle". The Coruscant government clearly hoped Callile's return would enstinguish political unrest.

On April 16, 2007 Callile arrived to a Hearty reception. He immediately took a leading role within the Jedi movement, publishing the April Theses, which called for an uncompromising opposition to the Sith government. Initially, Callile isolated his Sith brothers through this lurch to the light side. However, this uncompromising stand meant that the Jedi Temple Laws were to become the Law of the land.

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