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The annual Semi-Bi-National Quote Convention is a convention hosted by Mark Twain and sponsored by Microsoft. The quote con is a gathering place for all sorts of quote enthusiasts, were they can partake in a vast range of activities and purchase exclusive con- only goodies to brag at their friends about.

edit Activities

As mentioned above, the con features many things to do. Below is a comprehensive list of all of it's attractions and distractions.

edit Quoting Oscar Wilde

While Oscar Wilde is a very interesting person, sometimes the sheer magnitude of his support is overwhelming to onlookers. Oscar Wilde quote stations at quotecon are one such case. The fans will form a circle and take turns quoting in a style similar too a poetry slam. After each quote, the circle of people will burst out laughing and some will even fall out of their chairs in frenzy of hysteria. Always. Then again, most of the participants are uncyclopedia users. Maybe that has something to do with it.

edit Film Screenings

Some of the films screened annually at quotecon are as follows:

  • Mark Twain, The Documentary
  • The Life of Oscar Wilde
  • Quote Wars: "the phantoms play tennis!"
  • Blade Quoter
  • Chuck Norris Can't Quote Worth Shit
  • Everybody loves Oscar

...and many, more!

edit Tennis

Oscar Wilde likes tennis

He'll fucking destroy you.

edit Theorizing and Discussion

There are tents set up at the con were participants can contemplate and argue about pretty much anything, including ways to get rid of grues

edit Merchandise

There is tons of exclusive merch available at Quotecon. Including bumpers, stickers, bumperstickers, chairs, communists, and tennis. All signed by Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain.

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