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Welcome to Callibretto's Profile. Callibretto is a fairly active uncyclopedian who makes sure to leave at least one quote on every page he edits just to Leave his mark'''

“What can I say? I have to be on EVERY page... Even this loser's.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Callibretto

edit Quotations

As you May have read somewhere above, Callibretto Makes a quote on Every page he edits. Sometimes he runs out of ideas, so he turns to made-up or unused nicknames to quote as. He usually uses the following people:

Oscar Wilde

Russian Reversal


Negative remark Genorator

Check out the pages he edits for some reason...

Gadzooks!   This user participates in
T h e   W i l d e   P r o j e c t !
(Or at least pretends to.)
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