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Some people wrote some stuff about me, for some reason...

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“Be warned that it is not safe to print out user pages for kindling. Some user pages will come off the printer already flaming, which will set the whole pile on fire and burn down your house. Others are just a mess of synthetic templates; lighting them on fire would be like bringing a candle into a middle-aged Italian woman's closet.”
~ Uses for Uncyclopedia

“This is also a good time to insert a reference to Cajek; bonus points if you imply that Cajek is gay. This is easy to do in the listcruft article, because listcruft and Cajek live together in a studio apartment in San Francisco”
~ Listcruft

“Be Cajek.”
~ HowTo:Get Banned

“Please, can I be an admin? I wanna ban Cajek!”
~ Can I be an admin please?

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