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edit My ideas

(Again, if you want to start one of these articles, TELL ME! I love collabs!)

  1. The State's Official Animal
  2. Three Wolf Moon Shirt - obviously. See Forum:Welp. Amazon has officially become funnier than we will ever be.
  3. My cup of tea or Cup of tea
  4. Komancza Republic - a country that existed for three months 1918-1919 RESERVED FOR CAJEK!
  5. Weird Al Capone - don't ask
  6. The "it" Factor
  7. UnNews:UnNews reporter will do anything for a scoop... ANYTHING.
  8. Spewing your drink in surprise You know, when you're surprised whilst drinking?
  9. HowTo:Choose which of your children you like more
  10. Puppet government - governments all over the world are presided over by, you guessed it, puppets.
  11. Game:Stone the Sinner - decide how to go to hell fastest!
  12. UnBooks:The Prince and the Pauper - written by different authors: e.g., Franz Kafka (prince becomes cockroach)
  13. Car horn - history of the car horn
  14. UnNews:Cocky tween detective finally loses case
  15. Meatspace
  16. African Tourism Department - about how it's the worst job imaginable
  17. Why?:I should be allowed into Heaven
  18. Letter to You in - Letter explaining why I gave you a 1/10 I think Sonic80 wrote this
  19. My Town / My Neighborhood / My Old Neighborhood with Rahb, someday?
  20. The Company Vision
  21. Big History Test - a guide on how to pass
  22. Bigfood - purposefully lame parody of Bigfoot I guess. ...IDK.
  23. Barv - a restaurant of ill-repute
  24. UnNews:You're all fired. Merry fucking Christmas.
  25. Bloated Corpse Wearhouse - in commercial form
  26. The Fruit Stand In The Chase Scenes - about the fruit stand that ALWAYS gets crashed into by some chase scene or another.
  27. Sub-par Apocolypse - that apocolypse last Wednesday was really lame. I'll take this and maybe make an UnNews, or maybe a regular article. Staircase CUNt 23:56, 29 May 2009 (UTC) UnNews:Sub-par apocalypse disappoints many
  28. Anti-Matter Pickup Truck - a new hybid idea. Commercial style, maybe?
  29. Alternate Universe Wikipedia
  30. 3-Point Turn
  31. Basic Fish Maintenance
  32. Telephone Wire Shoes - you know, those shoes you see on telephone wires?
  33. UnNews:Nature Now Rated NC-17 featured!
  34. Crosscountry Sudoku - Sudoku, but on a GRAND scale
  35. UnNews:Horse Elected Mayor - crazy, right????
  36. Wholesome Article - kind of like A Very Special Article but with more content, less 4th wall breaking.
  37. The Old Country - a haggard old grandma talking about how horrible the old country was
  38. Mountain Lion 2.0 - no more "endangered species list" for these intrepid pioneers! TAKE THAT, HUMANS! unnews story that sucked
  39. Spear 2.0 - a bunch of cavemen designing a new spear
  40. Hard Work - how hard is it, character building, etc.
  41. Stealth Bomber - how stealthy, what makes it stealthy, who made it, importance, appearance in pop culture
  42. I Was Once a Man ...see User:Cajek/I Was Once a Man
  43. New Ideas - like how the Son of Sam was a law abiding citizen until his neighbor's dog started filling his head with "new ideas"
  44. Cold Hard Facts
  45. Gender Reassignment for Dummies
  46. UnBooks:Diary of a Planet
  47. Museum of Misery ...see User:Cajek/Museum of Misery
  48. Other ...As in the answer everyone puts on polls
  49. Abstain
  50. Calm ...A la Normal
  51. Vacation Slides
  52. European Rhinoceros ...A la African Giraffe
  53. Catchphrase ...links to one of my own pages.
  54. Cliffhanger
  55. Floor ...finished, I guess. Disappointing result.
  56. HowTo:Pretend to be a King
  57. HowTo:Be Well-Adjusted
  58. Why?:Choose Ethnic Cleansing
  59. HowTo:Write fortune cookies
  60. HowTo:Be the guy in a romantic comedy
  61. Why?:Make your breasts smaller ...from Why?:Have Humongous Breasts
  62. HowTo:Staple
  63. Why?:Leave me alone
  64. Why?:I hate you all
  65. Uncyclopedia is okay ...from Uncyclopedia is the worst - __NOCAJEK'D__ - I'll write this, I'll yell for you if I need help. --¿Qua? es mi página de discusión, es lo que mi contribuiría 22:48, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
  66. The Holy Book of hand grenades
  67. HowTo:Hear what the forest is trying to tell us
  68. Why?:Its all in the wrist
  69. Why?:Disagree with everything
  70. HowTo:Write the great American suicide note
  71. Why?:Vote for me for class president I like the souns of this one. Staircase CUNt 02:06, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
  72. Why?:Turn the other cheek
  73. Why?:Keep Trying ...from Why?:Give Up (see Unknown user)
  74. HowTo:Romantically finish each others sentences
  75. Why?:Be the antagonist
  76. Why?:Have a secret identity
  77. HowTo:Break into Area 51
  78. Why?:Wear clothes 3 sizes too small - I might write this Cajek. I'll give you a holler if I need help --Æ (User:AE/Why?:Wear clothes 3 sizes too small)
  79. HowTo:Read Palms
  80. HowTo:Tell who your real friends are
  81. Why?:Be a male ballet dancer
  82. HowTo:Be An Extra In a Summer Blockbuster
  83. HowTo:Write the Great American Novel - oh my God. I call dibs.  Sir Skullthumper, MD (criticize  writings  SU&W) 21:11 Mar 27, 2008 User talk:Dr. Skullthumper/HowTo:Write the Great American Novel
  84. Why?:Be rich, beautiful, and famous
  85. Why?:Be a drunk hobo
  86. HowTo:Make nuclear power at home
  87. Why?:HIDE! - sorry Cajek. I had to steal your idea and write it myself --Æ
  88. HowTo:Fall Off A Cliff see HowTo:Drive off a cliff
  89. Loud Computer Voice that Counts Backwards ...from Technobabble I've been meaning to write this for a while.   Le Cejak <-> (Dec 31) 15:19 (see User:Cajek/Loud Computer Voice that Counts Backwards)
  90. HowTo:Try Too Hard ...from Why?:Give Up
  91. HowTo:Open Stuff
  92. The Worst That Could Happen
  93. UnScripts:Death Scene
  94. UnScripts:Christmas Special
  95. Why?:Does cajek keep getting banned -- this needs writing before soon he gets really banned... VERY FUNNY, ASSSSHOOOOOLLEEEE
  96. Why?:Should Cajek stop doing all this 'Real World' stuff & come back to Uncyc

edit Userspace

edit In Progress/Acceptable

edit Abandoned/Total Shit

edit The Sport of Article Writing

A new idea I developed... Here are the rules so far:

  1. Both players each have one hour to write a funny article on any topic that the other player says to.
  2. It starts at the first edit and ends one hour later.
  3. You have to start the article 5 minutes after it's announced (make sure both players are online at the time).
  4. It has to be either a Why? or HowTo article (so that the article can actually be finished in an hour, and so that there's some direction)
  5. OPTIONAL: Both players have to use a designated picture in the article, no matter how random it is, and make it fit with the context of the article.
  6. OPTIONAL: Both players have to use 2 or 3 designated sentences in their article. Same rules as the image rule.
  7. OPTIONAL: This can be played in teams, but edit conflicts will become a problem.

edit Rewrites

  1. Competition
  2. Evil (rewrote 100% of it) Original (random, listy) version
  3. Mammal (had to reconstruct it)
  4. Rutabaga (deleted most of it) Original (random) version
  5. The Life and Times of a Cute Little Puppy (rewrote 9/11ths of it) Original (boring/random) version
  6. Katana (rewrote 80% of it) Original (eggplant?) version
  7. Calvinball ••• talk
  8. Calculus ••• talk
  9. 5 bucks ••• talk
  10. Brain ••• talk
  11. 3 second rule ••• talk
  12. Star Otter ••• talk
  13. Bad articles ••• talk
  14. Emperor Palpatine ••• talk
  15. Side effects ••• talk
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