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Created by Furd Motor Company in 2008, the "Unconventional Car" is slated to be "on the shelves" by "early" 2009, even though I just said it was created in 2008. Unlike other models of cars, the "Unconventional Car" is planned to be unconventional, and not conventional by any means of the word.

edit How Unconventional?



First of all, it doesn't have any wheels. No wheels: It has no wheels. An executive at Furd described the car:

Cquote1 "Look, it may not be the most conventional way to design a car, but there you have it: this is the Unconventional Automobile. It's not designed to be conventional, and besides that, we didn't think wheels were necessary when we started designing it. We're, uh, kinda dumb that way." Cquote2
-Furd Vice President in charge of Production, May 2007

The Unconventional Car is not traditional in any sense of the word except in Sumerian, in which "conventional" meant something very, very different. In fact, I think saying "conventional" in front of the Sumerian king was considered a federal offense.

The Unconventional car does NOT run on unleaded gasoline, like 99.9% of the cars on the road do. According to officials, there are several different stories on what the car runs on. Some officials have said

edit The Future

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